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About Kalalayam

Kalalayam is an institution created by Prof. Trichy Sankaran in Toronto, Canada with the goal of promoting the science and techniques of percussive arts. Alongside offering training in the art of drumming (mrdangam, kanjira, ghatam), emphasis is given to the study and methods of improvisation. As a pioneer in Solkattu (rhythmic solfege) pedagogy, Prof. Sankaran offers studies specializing in the art of Konnakkol (vocal percussion).

The annual summer workshops offered at Kalalayam also focus on the fundamental concepts of rhythm and the application techniques of Indian principles to other musics. Both performing musicians and composers have immensely benefited from studies at Kalalayam in the past. Kalalayam conducts rhythm workshops every summer. For details, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Trichy Sankaran is the Founding Director of Indian music studies and Professor of Music at York University, Toronto, Canada.  Professor Sankaran is a winner of the prestigious OCUFA teaching award.  Over the past 30 years, he has trained many Canadians in the rhythm, history, theory and performing traditions of the classical music of India.  Many of his former students have become noted performers, composers and music educators themselves.

Some of Sankaran's well known disciples include:

Suba Sankaran (Autorickshaw, Trichy's Trio, Freeplay Duo, Retrocity)

Ed Hanley (Autorickshaw)

Dylan Bell (Autorickshaw, Freeplay Duo, Retrocity)

Andrew Craig

Patrick Graham (Autorickshaw)

Oliver Schroer

Ken Shorley

Moshe Denburg

Curtis Andrews

Andrew Timar (Evergreen Club Gamelan Ensemble)

Ernie Tollar (Trichy's trio)

Mike Whitla

Kornel Magyar


Arangetrams:  Mrdangam, Kanjira, Ghatam

The following students have had their formal, traditional arangetrams.

Gireedharan Satchidhanandam (2001)

Desi Narayanan (2002)

Dr. P.S. Mohankumar (2003)

Guberan Balasubramaniam (2005)

Arvind Venkataraman (2007)


Selected photographs of Guru Sankaran's students: