July 19, 2009 Tribute Concert

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O Canada
Two special concerts celebrating Canadian masters
Sunday July 19, 2009
Tickets: $20, $5 (students and children) 

Gordon Lightfoot & Trichy Sankaran

This Sunday: $20 each or see both for $30!

Gordon Lightfoot Songbook
A tribute to Canada's songwriting legend.  Join Andrew Craig, Andy Maize, Miranda Mulholland, Patricia O'Callaghan, Mike Ross, Kurt Swinghammer, and more!

2:00pm Concert
6:00pm Concert

Trichy Sankaran Tribute
Indo-Canadian master percussionist shares the stage with his daughter Suba Sankaran, Autorickshaw, Andrew Craig, and aka Subliminal. You have to experience Trichy to believe him!

4:00pm Concert
8:00pm Concert

See both concerts for $30 by calling 416.866.8666 (not available online)

Enjoy a Q&A with Young Centre Resident Artist Suba Sankaran. Read More >

Note: A service charge of $4 per adult ticket and $2.50 per student ticket will be applied at checkout. Artists subject to change.

youngcentre.ca - 416.866.8666

Young Centre for the Performing Arts
55 Mill Street, Building 49, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3C4
Box Office: 416.866.8666 // youngcentre.ca
Suba Sankaran

Resident Artist Profile
Suba Sankaran

Q: Tell us a bit about what you're doing for Sundays at the Young?

A: I am producing a tribute event within the one-day festival called O Canada. This is a celebration of Canada, through a master and an icon who tell two very different Canadian stories. The master is my father, world-renowned south Indian drummer and professor, Trichy Sankaran. My father is the headlining artist for his tribute show. The icon is Gordon Lightfoot and there is a twin tribute event happening in honour of him.

Q: What is it like working with your father on a special event like this?

A: This special event allows me to reflect on my father's amazing life story, his Indo-Canadian musical journey and his many accomplishments. Working alongside him is great because I receive not only the facts, but the personal anecdotes as well. To many, he is a musical treasure and formidable educator. In addition, to me, he is also my father, my guru, a philosopher, a true friend and musical colleague. I hope to characterize this beautiful and complex relationship during the course of the concert. Most importantly though, sharing the stage with my father has always been nothing short of divine, so I am most excited about this aspect of the concert.

Q: How would you say your father has influenced your creative work?

A: My father has influenced my creative work in many ways. On a musical level, he has instilled in me a great respect for the complexities of south Indian melodies and rhythms as well as musical choices as an accompanist. These influences tend to find their way into my musical compositions and arrangements. He has also been a cross-cultural collaborator, creating meaningful fusion over decades, and I have tried to follow suit with my Indo-jazz fusion band Autorickshaw (who will also be performing at this show). From an academic perspective, he is an inspiring and dedicated teacher. I also teach, direct and conduct, so I aim to take a page from his book. Moreover, within him is a remarkable blend of talent, discipline, determination and humility. I try to take his best traits and work them into my being, my music, my life.

Q: What are you most excited to see other artists doing for Sundays at the Young?

A: This is a cop out, but I'm excited about all of the events because they are all new ideas with new themes, combining multiple artistic disciplines, and featuring amazing artists from our glorious city. Each event is a creative slice of life from the points of view of the Young Centre and its resident artists.

Q. Any advice for patrons to better enjoy this series of one-day festivals?

A: I would strongly suggest committing to the whole day or a good portion of the day at this one-day festival – with two marquee events per festival and free ancillary events to provide the public with entertainment with insight (not to mention extra bang for their buck!), I think patrons will be happily persuaded to stay and drink in the creative atmosphere. Heck, why not block off all five weeks and get the full effect!

Q. Can you summarize Sundays at the Young in three words?

A: Themed Artistic Feast OR Sunday To-do List!