Truchy Sankaran at Brhaddhvani

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Brhaddhvani holds workshop on rhythm

CHENNAI, August 13, 2012 
Sangita Kalanidhi Prof. Trichy Sankaran highlighted rhythm from world music perspectives, in general, and Carnatic music, in particular.
Brhaddhvani, a city-based research and music training institute, organized a two-week-long workshop on rhythm and Mridangam.
Sangita Kalanidhi Prof. Trichy Sankaran brought the curtain down on the workshop with a concluding lecture on August 10.
Prof. Sankaran spoke at length on the unification of ‘tala, laya and rhythm’. Layam, he said, “is the bedrock of the whole concept of time”. While dwelling on the subject of ‘time keeping’ and ‘time marking’, he gave a number of examples from diverse music cultures from across the world.
He gave a summary of the five categories of talas - marga tala, desi tala, suladi sapta talas, tiruppugazh chanda talas, and chapu talas.
As a fitting conclusion, a DVD titled “Sankaran’s Musical Journey” was played, which portrayed his pedagogical, performance, and world music involvements besides narration of his musical journey from his childhood to the present day.
Prof. Trichy Sankaran came to Chennai last month at the invitation of Dr. K. S. Subramanian of Brhaddhvani, mainly to give lecture demonstrations and to participate in seminars on rhythm.
The two-week session started with the celebration of his 70th birthday (July 27th) with Veda Parayanam. During 10 sessions, held between July 27 and August 10, Prof. Sankaran highlighted rhythm from world music perspectives, in general, and Carnatic music, in particular. He elaborated his perspectives on the concept of layam, principle of trikalam and korvais. He demonstrated how the trikalam principle was applied at various levels - from the study of alankaram to the higher level of Pallavi (Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi) - in different magnitudes.
He taught the participants several korvais in adi talam, khanda chapu, and adi talam kanda nadai. He also demonstrated a variety of the traditional korvais.
The participants were also treated to some of Prof. Sankaran's own creations. “They learned his chittasvaram for Vathapiganapathim bhajeham in Hamsadhwani raga, and his tillana in raga kapi, in misra chapu talam,” said a release. Also, he demonstrated and taught Brhaddhvani students his own Pallavi in Kalyani Raga, Khanda Jathi Ata Tala with the sahithyam:
Dr. Subramanian thanked Prof. Sankaran for accepting his invitation, and also for his contribution to the world of Carnatic music as a performer, scholar, and composer form world music perspectives.